Oculus Quest 2, The ALMOST Perfect Headset

Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 comes in at the low price of $300. Making it the most affordable and portable virtual reality headset on the market.

I have had this headset myself since December. I have not had this much fun playing video games since I was a kid! Standing beside Darth Vader, killing a zombie with a screwdriver, or boxing in the ring against Rocky. The list of games available to play are fantastic and in wide variety. Meanwhile all the options already on PC vr are available with a simple USB type C cord from your headset to computer.

If you’ve never used a virtual reality headset you are definitely not alone. Before December I’d never touched a headset myself, and neither had my family. We started off with Arizona Sunshine, an arcade style zombie killing game. It has since been beaten multiple times by each of us and had my sister cheering about completing a video game for the first time in her life.

I am so used to video games that the smooth motion turning and movement didn’t bother me at all. My sister however gets very motion sick and stuck with the teleport movement system that comes in every game. Regardless of her high sensitivity to motion sickness she was able to play any game for hours at a time until the headset would die on her. We found a solution to this by plugging in a battery bank and placing it in the hood of a hoodie. Doing this more than doubles the play time of the headset.

The Oculus Quest 2 is also fantastic for getting active again. Specifically we used FitXR to box or dance our way from couch potato to daily exercisers. There is a fantastic selection of fitness games to choose from, and none require you to be active to be able to play these games well and have a good time breaking a sweat.

The Oculus Quest 2 was one of the best tech purchases I have made in a while. I don’t like that Facebook forces the user to have a connected Facebook account to use the system. And every so often one of my controllers will lose its tracking for a couple seconds, but I attribute this to having punched them into my wall a handful of times because it did not happen prior.

I love this product and would definitely buy it all over again. I’d give the product a 9/10, because of the required Facebook account connection.

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-Wes M.



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